How Sebiya helps

Connect with your guests digitally while enhancing their travel experiences, from pre-arrival through departure. Amp up engagement for both your staff and guests with real-time chats, up-sell your services, while streamlining your operations.



Sebiya is an all-in-one Guest Experience System designed to empower Vacation Rental Companies with the technology needed to provide full-service travel experiences for their guests' digitally.


Hours Saved Monthly

50 %

More Reviews


Revenue Increase


Response Time


Staying connnected has never been easier.

Touchless Experiences

Easy check-in with keyless access to room while minimizing face-to-face contact.

Reviews & Ratings

Stay in the know with real-time reviews, while increasing your overall property ratings.

Contactless Requesting

All their travel needs and wants at their fingertips.

Local Guidebook

Offer authentic recommendations to your favorite local spots.

Seamless Operations

Reduce communication errors while sending updated notifications to both guests and staff.

Task Management

Increase productivity by tracking and monitoring the workflow while resolving incidents sooner.

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Why use Sebiya?

With Sebiya you can minimize physical contact for both your staff and guests which helps enforce social distancing for post COVID-19 travels, promote engagement and ensure your guests' experience does not suffer along the way.

Promote engagement
Increase revenue streams

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